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Adelaide River Tours – A unique way to experience all that is the Northern Territory


Adelaide River Tour 

A unique way to experience all that is the Northern Territory

Join Alex and Kelly on the Adelaide River Tour for a unique way to experience all that is the Northern Territory.  

It was a cool dry season morning, as I waited out the front of the reception at Hidden Valley Holiday Park. A very cool bus pulled up to collect me for my Adelaide River Tour. It had a massive crocodile eye on the side. As the doors opened I was greeted with nothing but smiles! Kelly jumped out and was so friendly, I knew straight away that this was going to be a great day. Her husband Alex then introduced himself and we were off!

Travelling down the Arnhem Highway towards the amazing Adelaide River, Alex and Kelly provided so much information about the history of Darwin and what we could expect once we arrived and boarded the boat.

When we arrived at the boat ramp on the Adelaide River is was very comforting to see the boat was looked very safe and comfortable. It had a hard top shade cover over the whole boat which made me very happy. After a quick safety talk we headed off up the river. As soon as we were on the way Alex was pointing out birds and telling us what they were and some interesting facts.

It wasn’t long before we saw a crocodile.. He was huge and came really close to the boat. I wasn’t scared though. Kelly and Alex knew what they were doing and reassured us at all times. 





About 10am they bought out a beautiful morning tea on the boat and we continued along the river with something new to see everywhere you looked. 

We then pulled alongside the bank and we stopped for a gourmet outback lunch and a private bush camp. I couldn’t believe how yummy the spread was that they prepared literally in the middle of the bush. There was even a toilet!.. 


“We saw a heard of buffalo”

After filling our bellies until I felt like lying on the bank with my mouth open like the crocodiles do, we hopped back on the boat and headed off again. This time we saw a heard of buffalo! I was so excited I had never seen one in the wild before. There was so many different types of birds I couldn’t believe it. My favourite would have had to been the Jabiru, with its long legs and beautiful black and white colouring.

Jabiru - Adelaide River Tour


Just as I was thinking how these guys could top the day we came across an island in the middle of the river. Goat Island and the home of Kai Hansen. Kai met us on the boat pontoon with his dog, Hot Dog. We could purchase a cold drink or even an alcoholic beverage. Kai entertained us for a bit with stories and his views on things.. I could have listened to him all day. 

Then it was back to the boat for the cruise home, spotting more wildlife along the way. I did want it to end, but I guess all good things have to end sometime. It was about 5pm when we had to say goodbye as Alex and Kelly dropped me back at Hidden Valley Holiday Park 

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