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Corroboree Billabong

A visit to the Top End would not be complete without cruising the pristine wetlands with the Corroboree Billabong Wetlands Tour. Either self drive or get picked up by the bus from the Corroboree Tavern. Explore the beautiful wetlands in the charter boat with knowledgeable guides, see an array of exotic birds and get up close to saltwater crocodiles in their natural environment. A tour not to be missed – contact us for more information.         

Fancy a Sunset Cruise on Darwin Harbour?

Last night our fabulous reception team were invited aboard the Cape Adieu Sunset Cruise. From our initial booking, right through to cruising, this is such a top notch, thoroughly enjoyable tour. The gentle speed of the boat, meandering along, gives you time to fully appreciate the the beauty of Darwin Harbour. The hostessing aboard this beautiful boat and the food are second to none.  With a fantastic selection of fresh seafood, salads, steak or fish for mains – this is a truly delightful experience not to be missed. A little background on Cape Adieu: Cape Adieu was built in 1978 for remote Cray & Shark fishing in the Great Australian Bight. Since then the boat has been engaged in a number of fisheries including Pearling in the Coral Sea, Cray & Shark Fishing in the Southern Ocean, and Snapper fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria. In June 2003, Cape Adieu Harbour Cruises, a family operated business, was established and provides sunset dinner cruises, private functions, charters and wedding reception services. Owner/Operator Shane Hearn has over 30 years experience in the commercial fishing industry. The sunset dinner cruises operate daily from March to December and features only the freshest local wild caught seafood including their signature ‘Smoked Spanish Mackerel’ which is smoked on board daily. All food is prepared fresh daily by their onboard Chef. Whilst cruising they barbeque the Catch of the day Fish and Scotch Fillet Steaks which are cooked to order. Cape Adieu is BYO or fully licensed and we supply all ice, eskies and glassware. Contact us for more information or if you would like to make a booking. We personally recommend it!

Thursday Travel Tip – Using a Fuel Calculator

With rising fuel prices, it is easy to assume that road travel is becoming too expensive. Ever wondered what the total cost of fuel will be to get to a specific destination? Well today we share a great little tool that the NSW state caravan and camping association (CCIA) has created. The fuel calculator will assist in working out this all important figure, so travellers have a guide on their approximate fuel costs to reach their preferred destinations. Once you have used this calculator, you will find that there is some good news when it comes to fuel, and it’s not as bad as the media sometimes suggests, and that your fuel cost is only a small portion of your overall holiday. Click here to visit the fuel calculator.

Relieve the Itch… Midges & Sand Flies – facts/remedies

  Have you ever been on a caravan or camping trip and been bitten (or eaten alive) by those pesky bugs known as midges or sand flies? Well I have and it isn’t pleasant, midges sandflies are one very few negatives of living here in the tropics. Here at Hidden Valley Holiday Park we do everything we can in accordance with Department of Health on Midgy Management  Many of our guests have also been a target and while it is unfortunate – it happens, so we thought best to share some tips and tricks to help keep the little buggers (midges sandflies) away, or at least at bay. Midges or sandflies live in the sand and mud of swampy waterways and mangroves. They are very small and even though they do look like a fly, they are too small to see their wings; they look like a small piece of fine dark cut hair, so this makes them difficult to see. Because they are so small, they can easily fly through normal fly screens. It is said that midges/sand flies do not bite but actually urinate on you – so we thought I should investigate that further and this is not correct. According to the Department of Medical Entomology of the University of Sydney, they are blood suckers and inject saliva into the skin to allow easy extraction of the blood. They bite during dawn and dusk when there is little to no wind, so best to avoid swampy areas during these times. Locals in midge-prone areas tend to build up immunity over time, whereas for travellers – they generally do not, so we recommend that all our guests take preventative measures (and stock up on remedies), just in case!  Generally you will find once you have been bitten – the …Read More

Wet, Windy and Wild!

While some of the southern states are sweltering in a heat wave, we in the Top End of the country are getting drenched! While it always rains this time of year and we expect this – this year has been wetter than the last few years. Everything is so luscious and green, although its very water logged at present! The main photo we have attached was taken yesterday down at the Trailer Boat Club in Parap.  With high tides and big seas – the water made it over the path and to the beach entrance!

7 Savvy Ways to Save for your Holiday

Discover how to cut costs and plan for an affordable holiday! Whether you’re traveling solo, with the family or taking a romantic trip for two, money is always an important thing to consider during the planning process. From finding the best deal (whether its online or by calling the property direct) to maximizing extras/inclusions for the holiday park you choose to stay at, here are 10 ways to save money on your next holiday. 1. BE FLEXIBLE Whether it’s regarding the dates you’re travelling or the destination you’re going to, flexibility is a great way to take advantage of the best deals available. Generally, you will get more benefit out of your dollar if you’re flexible and get more “bang for buck”. 2. TRAVEL DURING OFF PEAK OR SHOULDER SEASONS I’m sure you already know about peak travel times – like Xmas, Easter, school holidays or the “Dry season” in the northern part of Australia, when everyone is planning to get away, but there are always quieter times when holiday parks (and flights) are much less expensive. However, sometimes there may be reasons that a destination is considered “quiet”—like, the “wet season” in Darwin where it does get a little hot, humid and rainy (but no different to Bali). However on the flip side to this, this can also be one of the best times to visit if you would like to see spectacular storms and amazing waterfalls thundering at their best. Another cost effective option is to travel during “shoulder seasons,” which is between the two. “Travel seasons” are determined by a number of factors including the school year, however sometimes it’s worth taking the kids out of school for a week for a new experience. Each region has different seasons, but if you know how to work around …Read More

Trip Advisor – 2013 Certificate of Excellence Award

We are thrilled to announce we have received a “TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence” award for 2013. The accolade, which honour hospitality excellence, are given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews on TripAdvisor. Approximately 10% of accommodations listed on TripAdvisor receive these prestigious awards. To qualify for the Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travellers on TripAdvisor. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months. Our sincerest THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to share feedback on their stay!