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Exploring the Four Best National Parks in the NT

We have some of the Best National Parks in the world here in Australia, and four of the best are located in the beautiful Northern Territory. We’ve taken a look at them here| Hidden Valley Holiday Park Kakadu Kakadu National Park represents a different side of the Northern Territory. Home to lush floodplains and bountiful estuaries, Kakadu contains a diverse range of animal and plant life — 280 species of birds (around 1\3 all the species living across Australia), and everything from Mangrove roots to towering, buttressed rainforest trees. Kakadu also stands as one of the premier preservations of Indigenous Australian culture, religion, and art, with hundreds of distinct cave painting locations dating back to 20,000 years ago. On top of this, it houses countless pathways, camps, and artifacts from thousands of years of Aboriginal inhabitation. This is a place where you’ll never want for activities. Check out one of the towering waterfalls, or go for a tour of the rivers by boat (watch for crocs!). Anyone looking for a little history can visit one of the Cultural Centres, or go straight to the art sites themselves. The weather around Kakadu dictates what kind of experience you’ll have. During Gudjewg (Monsoon) season you won’t want to be roughing it in a tent, but a huge amount of new flora and fauna pop up to compensate. Come a few months later, in Banggerreng (‘Knock ‘em down storm), and clear skies abound, plus winds will have blown down the giant Speargrass plants, allowing you a better look at the shorelines. Make sure to check the current season before booking a trip. Kata-Tjuta Stanislav Fosenbauer / Shutterstock.com Kata-Tjuta, home to Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) and Kata-Tjuta itself, is one of the top tourism spots of Australia. Fortunately for those of us …Read More

Camping and Caravanning Activities for the Whole Family

Activities for the whole family – Camping or taking a caravan out on the road is a great way to get the entire family outdoors and away from the daily routine. It also allows you to reconnect with one another, often without the interruptions of modern technology. While some parents may find it a challenge to keep the kids entertained without technology, there are plenty of activities you can do to engage the whole family whilst away on a holiday. Here are some of our favourite activities to do when camping and caravanning, or on holidays Bush Walking This is a classic holiday activity. Nothing beats getting back to nature while getting some (often much needed) fresh air and exercise. Picking a suitable trail/walking track for the whole family, pack a picnic lunch and plenty of water, and you have all you need for a rewarding day out.

Top 10 ‘Grey Nomad’ Retiree Travel Blogs

Blogging is often thought of as a “young person’s” game, a pastime of the gen-Yers to highlight their knowledge on a certain subject. But for many, blogging is a way to share fun experiences that aren’t just limited to the young. The young-at-heart also have plenty of stories to share online. For retired nomads travelling the country or globe, the stories to share are endless. That’s why there’s a whole bunch of blogs detailing visit-worthy landmarks, tips for cooking on the road, and advice on finding the right campsites. Some blogs are informative, some are exciting and funny, and others are designed to feed the imagination of other young-at-hearts considering travel. So if you’re considering jumping in the caravan, hopping on a cruise, or jetting off for some excitement in 2015, check out one of these great retiree travel blogs: