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Camping and Caravanning Activities for the Whole Family

Activities for the whole family | Hidden Valley Holiday ParkActivities for the whole family – Camping or taking a caravan out on the road is a great way to get the entire family outdoors and away from the daily routine. It also allows you to reconnect with one another, often without the interruptions of modern technology. While some parents may find it a challenge to keep the kids entertained without technology, there are plenty of activities you can do to engage the whole family whilst away on a holiday. Here are some of our favourite activities to do when camping and caravanning, or on holidays

Bush Walking

This is a classic holiday activity. Nothing beats getting back to nature while getting some (often much needed) fresh air and exercise. Picking a suitable trail/walking track for the whole family, pack a picnic lunch and plenty of water, and you have all you need for a rewarding day out.

Board games

There’s something about being away from the city and sitting around a table with the entire family playing a favourite board game. Not only does it provide a chance to spend quality time together, but it’s a great way to make those downtime hours (when it’s raining, or everyone needs a break from physical activity) pass by without much effort. Pull out those dusty board games you haven’t played in years and enjoy some fun silliness with the ones you love.

Ball games

While video games may be a staple at home, camping gives you the opportunity to get the kids outside, and a good old ball can provide plenty of entertainment. Having the free space to throw or kick a ball around is a great way to break the habits of computer aided entertainment. Make the most of the wide, open spaces at caravan parks and enjoy several different games – from soccer to volleyball to piggy in the middle, the choices are plentiful.


Like ball games, the classic Frisbee is a great activity. Apart from helping develop coordination, it can provide hours of fun in open spaces. Give those kids a break from pixelated game playing and get them moving!


This is both fun and useful for the future. Teaching the kids about old school navigation using a map and compass is a valuable exercise. Orienteering allows the whole family to bond as teamwork is an emphasis. Later, you can all go out on a walk or organise an activity for which the kids have to use their new orienteering skills.

Scavenger hunt

Planning a scavenger hunt is a great activity, and the kids (and even adults!) will love the process of discovery. Simply create a list of things that they must find and allow them to roam free. Remember to teach them not to touch certain things that may be risky and keep an eye on them at all times, kids are quite the adventurers!

Obstacle course

An obstacle course can be as simple or complex as you like. Let your imagination run wild when determining a course for the kids to compete, but remember to keep it safe! This is a another great way to encourage exercise, and it’s also something that the whole family can participate in. In fact, forming teams is a great way to do this. To add a social element, many a camper/caravanner have made new friends by inviting neighbouring holidaymakers to partake in an obstacle course!

Nature watching

When you live in the city, connecting with and learning more about nature is a rare opportunity, so take advantage of your holiday to immerse your family in the natural environment. Guidebooks and even Google searches can highlight things to see and do in the local area. Discover strange plants, rock formations, insects, and more – this can be a very educational activity for all!


At the end of a long day of activities for the whole family, preparing a meal together can be a satisfying and rewarding activity the casino apps. Whether you’re camping or caravanning, using a stovetop or a portable oven, preparing a meal as a family provides a quality opportunity to connect and reflect on the day gone by.


After a meal, the old tradition of campfire stories is hard to beat. You don’t need a fire nowadays, particularly with fire restrictions around caravan parks, but the act of sitting together and telling stories is one that families all over the world enjoy. Parents always have stories to share, and allowing the kids to share their own stories helps inspire creativity and allows them to reflect on their experiences too.

While camping and caravanning exist to alleviate the stresses of daily life, many families instead stress at the thought that their kids may be bored. This is not a thing to worry about, plenty of activities and games exist to entertain children and families on holidays, and these are only a few ideas out of thousands. Take some of these ideas on board, take suggestions from your children, and you can embark on your holiday safe in the knowledge that there won’t be a dull moment to be had.

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