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Sunset on Darwin Harbour


From the point of view of staff of Hidden Valley Holiday Park

Cape Adieu Dinner Cruises: Sunset on Darwin Harbour

Cape Adieu Sunset Dinner – an absolute must when visiting Darwin is to go on one of the amazing sunset cruises. What better one to go on then the Cape Adieu Sunset Dinner cruise on Darwin Harbour. The cruise features a 4 course banquet, with the option of buying drinks on board or you may bring your own for the night and who doesn’t like BYO?


When I first arrived, I was welcomed by a smiling face and shown to my table for the night. Shortly after, one of the lovely staff came over with some delicious homemade dips.

Before departing the staff ran through some safety precautions and directed people to the toilets and other areas of the yacht. The Captain and owner of Cape Adieu Sunset Dinner, Shane, gave us insight into some of the amazing landscapes Darwin has to offer and some of the other boats that were out that day.



Fresh Seafood

The atmosphere on the Yacht was very calm and relaxing and you could tell everyone was really enjoying themselves. Shortly after one of the staff members came around to each table to let us know that the second course was ready. You can choose from a range of beautiful fresh seafood and salads in the style of a buffet.

Magic Sunsets

The weather that day was so lovely and cool and being on the water just tied everything in. We saw a lot of boat cruises and other people who were watching the sunset from their boats. As the sun was setting, the staff brought out the third course for the night. Having the choice of steak or fish of the day, I chose the steak which was accompanied with a delicious mushroom sauce. You could also have as much of the fresh seafood and salad you desired. My partner went for the fish of the day which he said was absolutely lovely.

The sunset was spectacular as always. Definitely a photo opportunity I took full advantage of. After my third course I took the opportunity to walk around the yacht and have a chat to Shane. He was very knowledgeable and really easy to get along with. We had a good laugh before I headed back to my table, where I just sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere and the company.

The last meal of the night was dessert, with complimentary tea and coffee. For dessert we were treated to cheesecake, which just happens to be one of my favourite desserts. We soon after, arrived back at the Wharf, where the lovely staff of Cape Adieu wished us well as we departed and made our way home.

The Cape Adieu Sunset Dinner was honestly such a wonderful night, with amazing food and great company. The staff at Cape Adieu really make you feel welcome, like you’re a part of the family. If you’re looking at doing a Cruise whilst in Darwin I 100% recommend this one, as it will not disappoint. 

Written by Demi Weeks Staff member of Hidden Valley Holiday Park Demi-Wicks




Cape Adieu Sunset Dinner

It was a lovely cool May, evening as I waited in excitement to board the Cape Adieu Sunset Dinner cruise. Matt, a friendly young man, greeted us at Dock 3 to mark off our names and direct us on board. We were then greeted by a lovely lady who took our BYO drinks and put them into iced eskies. She directed us to our seats and would be our waiter for the night.

The boat was beautiful, well maintained, spacious and full of history. We found cold lemon water, a book with information about the Cape Adieu life, as well as the detailed menu and drinks list on our table.

Shortly after being seated we received our entrees. Our favourite was the smoked mackerel. We couldn’t get enough of it and fought over whom would get the final serving.

Shane, the owner and skipper introduced himself and the staff, gave a short safety briefing and then we were off. As we departed the harbour, Shane came over the loud speakers and told us a little about the harbour. Throughout the night, as we passed various landmarks, Shane would point them out. 

Amazing Food

The lovely lady went to each table, introducing herself and explained what would be happening this evening. We got the option of steak or fish of the day for mains. She took our orders and then, table by table, we got up to get our entree which was actually a buffet of seafood and salad.

The food was delicious, fresh oysters and big banana prawns, a selection of scrumptious salads and fresh bread.

Spectacular Sunsets

There is nothing like an NT sunset and due to the smoke in the sky, the sun became a massive red ball you could stare directly at. There’s something about staring directly at the sun that seems so mischievous but you just can’t stop.  Of course there’s the beautiful pastel pink and blue colours of the sky that come with such magical sunsets. Photos don’t do it justice, it’s just something you have to see with your own eyes and treasure.

Time for the Main Course. I had the fish and it was… mmmmmm…delicious. You can go back to the buffet if you wish to top your plate with more seafood and salad, but if you’re like me, my eyes got the better of me for entree and the fish was enough to hit the spot. 

As darkness falls, blue neon lights come on and the return trip has begun.

Throughout the night you are free to roam to boat.  I popped in to have a chat to Shane in the wheel house. He is not only a great skipper and host but great to talk to and full of local knowledge.

As night sets in, the kettle is boiled and out comes the tea, coffee and dessert. Now I don’t want to spoil too many things so I won’t say what it is but know that it is delicious.

The lights get closer and before we know it, we are back at the dock after a fantastic night on the water with satisfied bellies and smiles on our faces.

Written by Alana Koven, staff of Hidden Valley Holiday Park





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