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Hidden Valley Free Wifi

FREE WIFI at Hidden Valley Holiday Park

As part of becoming China Ready, Hidden Valley Holiday Park received a grant from the NT government. We wanted to improve the coverage of FREE WIFI throughout our park here in Darwin. Before the grant our WIFI was very limited for guests and only reached our common areas; ie, reception and cafe area. 

We understand the importance this day and age of being able to readily access the internet and the role that FREE WIFI plays. Travellers rely heavily on FREE WIFI to plan, book and enhance their trip. WIFI also plays a critical part in staying in touch with friends and families whilst away. Social media is a very important part of the travellers life. More and more travellers are posting on their pages and regular travel blogs to engage with like minded people. With over 80% of future travels being inspired by social media, even while travelling, people are dreaming of their next adventure.

Increased Coverage

With a lot of work completed by a local IT company MORPH Collective we have increased the coverage of our FREE WIFI to cover more of our beautiful park. It now reaches throughout the pool area to the camp kitchen. It can be accessed in a number of our rooms including our Pandanus Lodge rooms. Our Pandanus Retreat, Tropical Villas, Rainforest Retreat and Palm Cabin now also have access to WIFI inside the rooms.

We have plans to even further increase the coverage in the future, so that it will cover the entire park. We also have plans to try and boost the coverage of the signal non WIFI users as well. So watch this space! 

Come and relax with us and check your emails. Keep in touch with your friends and family. Missing the kids? Why not Skype? Post a blog. What ever your reason for access don’t forget to ask our friendly reception staff for your code to access the WIFI.


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