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Wallaroo All day Litchfield Park and Crocodile Cruise

Wallaroo All day Litchfield National Park and Crocodile Cruise.

From the time we were picked up the tour guide was welcoming and gave so much information about Darwin’s unique history. On the way to the Crocodile Jumping Cruise we were given information about the changing environment, the changing seasons and the variety of wild life we might see along the way to Litchfield National Park.

When we arrived at the site for the Crocodile Jumping Cruise we were greeted by a truly unique character with a knife and a gun on his belt which made us feel a little anxious. The tour guide assured us it was only a precaution and would give us all the information and instructions to ensure our safety. We were given a brief run down of the life and behaviors of crocodiles their nesting habits and their diet. Our walk to the boat was through the mangroves and we were told to walk across the boardwalk to the boat in pairs for our safety. Once on the water it didn’t take long for the crocodiles to realise it was time for small snack of chicken. I had to have my camera ready and took so many photos as the crocodiles were very fast at snapping that snack off the pole, while all the time the guide was giving us some amazing information. We even were lucky enough to see a female crocodile with one of her babies.

Litchfield | national | park

“Now that’s a CROC!”

Back on the Bus

Back on the bus we were given many comfort stops, one being the Humpty Doo Hotel. A very iconic hotel with character and a souvenir shop and of course time for a cold beer. On the road to Litchfield National Park our driver was giving us history on the township of Batchelor and the landscape coming into Litchfield National Park. Our first stop was at the Termite Mound which was very interesting as there are many species of Termites in the NT, then we were on our way to Wangi Falls which was absolutely beautiful, more photo opportunities and this is where our tour guide laid out our lunch of cold meats and all the salads you could think of and we ate off of a real plate and had real cutlery, no plastic for us.

The weather was warm so next stop was at Florence Falls for a much needed swim and the water was cool and soothing as we had to come down 142 steps to get to the plunge pool, you could either climb back up the stair or take the Shady Creek walk which takes about 20min to walk back to the car park. We took water with us but the tour guide made sure he had cold water on the bus if we ran out. Our time in Litchfield National Park was coming to an end and our journey back to Darwin had begun which excited us as we were looking forward to a champagne and prawn sunset at Fannie Bay. At Fannie Bay once again the tour guide was fantastic and laid out all the wonderful prawns and biscuits and of course a nice glass of champagne and we weren’t disappointed as Darwin laid on its fantastic sunset.


We were dropped off at our accommodation about 7.30pm and what a big day out it was but well worth experience.

If you want to have a great day whilst experiencing all the NT has to offer ask our friendly reception staff to book your adventure with Wallaroo Tours 

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