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Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

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Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

Experience the world famous Mindil Beach Sunset Markets when staying at Hidden Valley Holiday Park

Whilst staying at Hidden Valley Holiday Park, we like our guests to make the most out of their stay! One of the things we say is a must do is experience the world famous Mindil Beach Sunset Markets. Darwin has an amazing market scene (especially through the dry). On the top of list for markets, would have to be Sunset Mindil Markets. Held along side of the gorgeous Mindil Beach these sunset markets have something for everyone.

First it’s all the friendly people and the stalls with loads of locally made goods to wander through. Indigenous art, leather goods, clothing, jewellery just to name a few. Maybe a massage or a reading is more what you are looking for, you will find that here too. Perfect place for the holidaymaker to find those perfect souvenirs or gifts to send home.

Now the FOOD…..

Once you’ve ambled back and forth and finally selected those irresistible purchases, you decide you’re hungry…mmmmm very hungry as there is a very good reason to visit the markets on an empty stomach. A warning though as here the decisions get harder.  The Mindil market food vans feature cuisine from all over the world.  There would be at least 50 so much to choose from to satisfy every tastebud.  Asian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Greek, Italian or a good old fashioned burger if that is what you desire. Not to mention the best crepes on earth.  I suggest you walk the aisle more than once before you decide on what to dine on because for me, it’s always a small portion of several delicious offerings. I can never resist the oysters or the fried mushrooms from the Lucky Cow.

Sunsets at Mindil…..


Ideally you’ll have a picnic rug handy and take your tasty treats down to the beach because this is where you will bare witness to one of the most amazing sunsets and appreciate the beauty of nature at its best.  They sunsets truly are glorious and worthy of a photo or three for sure so don’t forget your camera.

But wait there is more…

When your tummy is nearly full and the sun has gone to bed, why not treat yourself to desert. Plenty to choose from with fresh fruit salads, ice cream, churros or those delicious sweet crepes.  Sit back for a while on the chairs scattered throughout and take some time to enjoy the local entertainment.  Always something to enjoy with local musicians, and some of the best didgeridoo playing I’ve ever heard.  It’s also amazing to watch some of the local acts such as fire twirling or magic shows.  If you are visiting Darwin, make sure you put the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets as  a ‘must do’ on your list. It would be sad to miss out on an experience such as this. Personally, I couldn’t think of a better or more relaxing way to spend your Thursday or Sunday evenings…..something for everyone….what’s not to love?

Written by Kirsten Cantoni

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