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RVDaily Love’s Hidden Valley Holiday Park

China and Darwin-Caravan-Park-Accommodation|Hidden-Valley-Holiday-Park

RVDaily Love’s Hidden Valley Holiday Park

Hidden Valley Holiday Park has recently featured in RVDaily, Australia’s Top online caravan and camping online magazines! It is a FREE online magazine targeting the ever growing population of people with a passion for exploring our amazing nation. Studies show more and more families are choosing a campertrailer over a hotel for their holiday destinations. 

Historically a lot of Australians choose to explore their own country before heading overseas. With the ever rising cost of flights, the trend of people turning to self drive adventures is increasing. It has also been very popular with international visitors too. Chinese travellers to Australia are 3.5 times more likely to choose a caravan/camping holiday compared to 5 years ago.

The options are endless for these travellers. Magazine’s like RVDaily are assisting with decision making by keeping their readers up to date with the latest progress in all types of self drive options, from self contained cars to campertrailers, motorhomes, caravans and buses. RVDaily should be your ‘go to’ place for all you need to know AND IT’S FREE!!

They are continously reviewing all the latest gadgets and products. So jump on their website, subscribe for FREE and check out their awesome page and magazine’s – you will not regret it! Oh and don’t forget to check out the article featuring us. 


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