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Top 10 ‘Grey Nomad’ Retiree Travel Blogs

Blogging is often thought of as a “young person’s” game, a pastime of the gen-Yers to highlight their knowledge on a certain subject. But for many, blogging is a way to share fun experiences that aren’t just limited to the young. The young-at-heart also have plenty of stories to share online.

For retired nomads travelling the country or globe, the stories to share are endless. That’s why there’s a whole bunch of blogs detailing visit-worthy landmarks, tips for cooking on the road, and advice on finding the right campsites. Some blogs are informative, some are exciting and funny, and others are designed to feed the imagination of other young-at-hearts considering travel. So if you’re considering jumping in the caravan, hopping on a cruise, or jetting off for some excitement in 2015, check out one of these great retiree travel blogs:


1When Marion Halliday aka Red Nomad Oz first began blogging about her Australian travel adventures, she kept herself anonymous for fear her boss wouldn’t approve. Now officially out of the office, she proudly shares her pictures and stories with the world and has even written a book titled Aussie Loos with Views! Her stories and tips cover every corner of Australia, having seen Australia from A-Z, both at its most magnificent and most bizarre.

The Grey Globe

2Gary Yeates is a 56 year old retiree that has surfed around 25 countries, despite confessing that he’s a terrible surfer. He is the very definition of the ‘young-at-heart’, loves his puns, is fluent in Spanish, prides himself on staying incredibly fit, and has a burning desire to see as much of the world as he possibly can.

Just a Backpack and a Rollie

3Nancy Thompson admits that she didn’t plan well for her retirement. As she puts it, she “didn’t get the memo about planning and saving for it”. So as her late 60s approached, she started thinking of ways she could “live large on a small budget”. The result was her and her husband selling virtually everything they own and packing up a rollie to explore the world. They’ve been exploring ever since. As they travel, Nancy shares her experiences of finding pleasure in the most basic of things. She teaches us that travelling doesn’t have to be extravagant, and can quite easily be achieved on a shoestring budget.

The Grey Nomads

4Whether you are planning on selling up everything you own and setting off on an indefinite adventure, or simply planning a few weeks up north to rich casino by morrock celebrate your retirement, this is the website for you. The Grey Nomads offer great tips and advice on everything camping in Australia, from buying a tent to finding a campground.

Retired Nomad

5After 39 years in the workforce, Retired Nomad set off in 2010 for a new life of adventure. Since then she has visited Asia, Europe, the USA, South America, Africa, and more. Along the way she takes the time to share her tales, photographs, tips, and recommendations, highlighting ways in which you can save money yet maximise your experience.

The Grey Roamer

6In 2008, Grey Roamer bought himself a 4WD and an off-road camper and set off to visit as much of Australia as he could. He’s been going ever since, sharing his tips and tricks for places such as The Blue Mountains, Mildura, the Kimberleys, Eucla, and The Bay of Isles. If you have an interest for old post offices, you’ll love his photographs of past and present offices from around the country.

My Itchy Travel Feet

7My Itchy Travel Feet is the perfect combination of retiree travel advice blog and photographic reference. Husband and wife team Donna and Alan Hull plan to leave no corner of the earth unturned, and have adventurous spirits that are sure to inspire.

Peter and Vicki’s Travel Blog

8Peter and Vicki McKenzie invite you to hop into their suitcase and join them for an adventure around the world, including stops in California, Melbourne, Hawaii and Fiji. Their tales almost read like a postcard, making them easy to follow and an enjoyable read. There are also plenty of photos to back up the information.

Soul Travelers 3

9As early retirees, the Californian couple behind Soul Travelers 3 decided to homeschool their young daughter and set off on an adventure like no other. Having been travelling since 2006, they have endless stories to share from areas all over the world. Their unique story is quite incredible and will see others in a similar situation packing their bags in no time.

Life Part 2

10Three years ago, photographer and writer Jonathon Look made the life-changing decision at 50 to leave everything behind (except of course his camera) and begin a new chapter in his life. A talented photographer, Jonathon manages to capture the essence of each place he visits in striking detail, from the food, to the people and its landmarks.

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