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A day out at Crocodylus Park

An up close and personal with your favorite animal A leisurely afternoon was spent at the Crocodylus Park on a beautiful July day in Darwin.  We began by exploring the showroom, positioned in a gorgeous tropical setting. The showroom and cafe’ offer a huge range of crocodile related products, from fashionable belts and bags to burgers and BBQ packs!! The owner/biologist Professor Grahame Webb and his fabulous team briefed us about the important work the park carries out.  Grahame has been studying crocodiles since 1970 and plays a huge part in the conversation and management of wildlife and is considered a leading authority on crocodilian research. The research component of the park has helped protect the species world wide. Crocodylus Park Crocs galore The large range of unique animals and birds within the tropical  lush, landscaped park is incredible.  Walking along the boardwalk above the crocodile enclosures we could examine these astonishing creatures with their prehistoric features, at close range. We noticed their beady eyes watching our every move. They also house alligators, as well as Australian and New Guinea freshwater crocodiles. The charismatic ostriches, full of personality, were cheekily poking their heads up and over the wire fence to say hello.  There are also emus, burdekin ducks, curlews and iguanas. The meerkats were mesmerizing.  These guys were busy taking it in turns to stand guard, constantly communicating with each other, darting back and forth.  You could watch them all day.  The monkeys were extremely cute, and energetic!! The fascinating little marmosets were definitely a highlight and hand feeding them comes highly recommended.  They took  such delight in selecting and crunching their dinner (tasty meal worms), with their tiny little fingers. Then there was the lions……WOW the lions! For instance, their  beauty is breathtaking.  Witnessing them being hand fed (which …Read More